Rich Internet Application
Adobe AIR
Adobe AIR is a cross-operating system run time that lets developers combine HTML, Ajax, Adobe Flash®, and Flex technologies to deploy rich Internet applications (RIAs) on the desktop. Adobe AIR allows developers to use familiar tools such as Adobe Dream weaver CS4, Flex Builder 3, Flash CS4 Professional, or any text editor to build their applications and easily deliver a single application installer that works across operating systems. Adobe AIR allows web developers to use existing technologies to build and deploy rich Internet applications to the desktop.
»   Cross platform application run time

»   Full control over visual look and feel

»   Native integration with the desktop

»   Leverages existing web technologies and programming languages
Adobe AIR Advantages :
»   Adobe AIR uses cost-effective technologies used to build web applications, so development and      deployment is rapid and low risk.

»   Adobe AIR applications support native desktop integration, including clipboard and drag-and-drop      support, local file IO, system notification, and more.

»   By using Adobe AIR as part of your RIA strategy, you can boost productivity, extend your market reach,      enhance customer satisfaction, improve customer retention, lower costs, and increase profits.

»   The Adobe AIR runtime complements the browser. »   Adobe AIR offers integrated support for SQLite database providing easy development of desktop      application that run both online & offline.