Agile Software Development
There are numerous methodologies that help monitor and analyze the development of an application. Agile software development is one of the proven software development procedures followed here at Innate Solution.

A software development methodology that integrates customers, business analysts, and developers towards a common goal, Agile Software Development is a concoction of old, new and in-between business rules in a new environment. Here, face-to-face communication with the client, frequent delivery of working software, and flexible self-organizing teams speak about the progress of application development. In short, the challenge lies in the rapid delivery of business value.
What are the advantages of Agile development methodology?

The benefits are significant and include »  Up to 75% reduced development time in comparison with any other conventional development      methodology.

»   Accelerated delivery of initial business value.

»   Higher flexibility in management and development plans through the process of continuous planning      and feedback.

»   High quality software and satisfied customers.

Agile methodology works for delivering operative, tested, deployable software on an incremental basis. With Agile Development, tasks are broken into smaller increments with shorter time frames. At Innate Solution, we are a self-directing team that works together as a whole. Agile software development is a preferred development methodology for custom programming projects. At the center of the self-directing team is the customer who is constantly kept in the loop and regarded as the key decision maker.