Cake PHP
CakePHP is a simple yet powerful open source framework for application development that is built using MVC (Model-View-Controller) architecture. It is a PhP based rapid application development framework, inspired by the concepts of Ruby on Rails. The framework also provides a basic organizational structure, from filenames to database table names, lending the entire application due consistency and logical reality. As a result, some of the best enterprise applications are built using CakePHP framework.

Although adapting to a framework eases the development process., picking the right framework from the vast pool of available frameworks is not a simple task. CakePHP is a very robust and easily scalable framework for developing PHP based custom web applications. We at Innate Solution, through our immense knowledge on development can develop a robust web application through CakePHP framework. We provide expert services in the following segments of CakePHP application development.
Benefits of CakePHP Web Development at Innate Solution

»  Quick end-to-end development of Web applications

»  CakePhP website development and maintenance

»  CakePhP Integration

»  CakePhP Customization

»  Extensive Code reuse

»  Reduced development costs

»  MVC and ORM design pattern implementation

»  Easy customization and enhancement of web applications

»  Reusable API development for a web Application

»  Built-in data validation & data sanitization code library

»  Adaptation of application in multiple languages

»  Unit testing using the SimpleTest framework

»  Request dispatcher with clean, custom URLs and routes

»  Fast and flexible templating

»  Email, Cookie, Security, Session, and Request Handling Components

»  Flexible ACL

»  Flexible data caching

»  View Helpers for AJAX, JavaScript, HTML Forms and more

At Innate Solution, our developers can deliver the most secure and reliable CakePHP framework based