Core Php Development
Php is an industry-standard scripting language using which a variety of ecommerce and content management systems have been developed. At Innate Solution, our highly skilled programmers harness the power of Php development to build the best solution suited for your business.

We develop industry-specific business process automation tools and custom programming solutions using Core Php. If you have a business that requires custom-tailored software solution because a product that meets all your business requirements doesn't exist, getting help from a professional software development firm such as ours would be the best approach. We adhere to industry standard software development principles and follow proper conventions and methodologies, which enables us to develop highly secure and powerful applications for small, medium and large businesses.
Benefits of Php Development

»  Rapid prototyping, programming & scripting

»  Minimum development and maintenance costs

»  We supplement manual processes to manage information flow

»  Faster and easier update of application

»  Time and cost savings

»  Greater performance and security

»  HTML embedding capabilities

»  Compatibility with different platforms such as Windows, Linux and UNIX

»  Support for a range of databases ( MySQL, Oracle, Informix, Solid, PostgreSQL and Generic

»  Compatibility with Apache and Internet Information servers(Microsoft)

We offer the following PhP development services

»  Core Php Application Development

»  Application migration

»  Enterprise Application Development

»  Maintenance of legacy applications

»  Application Reengineering and Enhancement

With the powerful combination of Php and MySQL, creating common HTML web pages and dynamic
applications have never been easier.