Custom Application Development
Custom Software Development

Software Programming is a world in itself, and it has constantly been pushing its boundaries over the last decade. This growth, in particular, has encouraged small and medium businesses to take advantage of this ability to develop a custom solution that helps them gain an edge over their competitors, at a fraction of the cost as before.

Unlike readily available solutions, custom software solutions allow developers to re-design and customize software to suit the specific needs of a business. A packaged application usually consists of a set of features meant for a broad range of users. However, custom programming enables you to build or remove practically any feature on the application to suit your needs.

Our custom software development services also ensure that customers are getting exactly what they want, and that they are not paying for unwanted features.

At Innate Solution, all our custom software solutions pass through the following phases:

»  Business Requirement Analysis

»  Design Cycle / Creating Design Specifications

»  Software Programming

»  Testing & Verification

»  Client Training & Support

»  Application Support and Maintenance

We use Agile Methodology for web-based, cloud-based distributed and standalone applications designed to meet your organization's specific requirements and business needs. We follow proven practices that allow smooth project completion, and plan for extended project support that goes well beyond launch.

With a highly qualified team that has extensive experience developing custom solutions for businesses from various industries, we have developed the best practices with regards to application architecture, and framework that in turn enables us to deliver maximum business value to our customers.

Experience success with the best software solutions from Innate Solution. We have flexible delivery and pricing models to suit your business needs and budget.