Payment Gateway Integration

A remotely hosted software application, ideally suited for online payments, business transactions and payment gateway integration, lets traders accept electronic payments and credit cards online through hosted website. The booming online shopping phenomenon and e-commerce sites combined with lower prices and deals and use of online financial transactions are increasing by the day. Digital and electronic transfer of currency is preferred over conventional payment methods due to enhanced security and assurance given by the site to customers.

Innate Solution provides online merchants to integrate with a wide range of payment gateway applications by handling online transactions, including PayPal, Google Checkout,, Cyber Source and LinkPoint.

Payment Gateway Advantages

»  It accepts wide variety of payments such as credit card, debit card and net banking.

»  Provides very safe transactions

»  Order and payment processing is very fast.

»  24/7 processing

»  Complete Range of Payment Types

»  Transaction reports are generated very quickly

»  Authorizations are made in real time

How Payment Gateway Works?

»  Buyer fills out transaction details such as name, address, credit card or debit card information.

»  The website encrypts this data and transfers it securely to the Payment Gateway Server.

»  The Payment gateway then contacts the buyer’s bank online and validates payment information while also ensuring that the buyer has sufficient balance.

»  If the user is authenticated and if he has necessary balance in his account, the payment gateway draws the money from the buyer’s bank account and transfers it to the seller’s bank account.

»  The payment gateway then sends a confirmation to the buyer (from who the transaction originated) that the transaction was successful

At Innate Solution, we recommend the following well-proven payment gateway providers:

»  PayPal

»  Google Checkout

»  2Checkout


»  Cyber Source

»  LinkPoint