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Iphone Application Development
The first iPhone wasnít released that long ago by Steve Jobs. Since the release of the first version of iPhone in the year 2007, the market for Smart Phones has increased tremendously. Today, it is the primary smart phone widely used by many professionals.

At Innate Solution, we have a strong team of developers for Objective C Programming and HTML 5 development. Objective C is the language used for writing native iPhone and Mac applications. Itís also used by Apple to write their own applications and frameworks. HTML 5 is the fifth generation HTML Standard used to write web applications that will work well on an iPhone.

At Innate Solution, we understand our clientís unique requirements and utilize the iPhone SDK to create a customized, creative and content rich iPhone application.

An iPhone can function as a video camera, a portable media player and an Internet client with email and web browsing capabilities. It can send text messages, receive visual voicemail. It has both Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity. The virtual keyboard capability and the well designed interface provide rich functionality to the iPhone. Third-party as well as Apple application software is available from the App Store, which was launched in mid-2008 and now has over 500,000 applications approved by Apple.

We have experience building various apps such as:

»  iPhone Games

»  iPhone apps with GPS Locator

»  Social Networking Apps

We have certain standards of coding and we strictly follow it. As per those standard we maintains a library of all the classes used in the project and make user controls as per the need of the project. We just call user controls on the forms so clarity of the coding can be maintained as per the standards

Our highly motivated team of iPhone app developers have many years of experience developing high performance mobile applications. We adopt the Waterfall life cycle model for software development that allows us to follow a linear and sequential develop and release the iPhone app as per your requirement.