Job Portal
Job Portals are the most popular and widely used tool by companies and recruitment teams to facilitate the smooth flow of recruitment process in the competitive world.

Job Portals provide a platform for the employers to meet the prospective employees. The job aspirants can register in job Portals by creating a user ID. Job Portals allow users to submit and edit their resumes and apply for specific jobs at companies of their choice.

Once registered, job aspirants get e-mail job alerts and can respond to job related questions from the employer companies. The companies have the choice to search for their ideal candidate from the resume database using various options and parameters available in the job Portals.

The job portal presents the employers with options to post online questionnaires and latest news to the employees. The portal has the tips to build admirable resume and information on doís and doníts for the interview. The portal supports the employer from listing of jobs to selecting an ideal candidate. Easy data collection and storage feature of the portal helps in finishing the tasks comfortably and quickly. The employers can get quick returns for their investment as the portal incorporates a simple and quick recruitment method.

Some of the features of our Job Portal Solutions:

»  Job catalogue from every sector and industry

»  Job Search Options (Expertise, Location, Keyword search, remuneration etc.)

»  Resume Services

»  Professional guidance for making resumes

»  Job Alert Services

»  Job Application details and interview schedules

»  24*7 support and assistance

»  Group Apply for multiple jobs.