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Mobile Application Development

With rapid technology advancements, the emergence of user-friendly and intuitive smartphones has invoked millions of mobile users to connect via the Internet. Today, more and more people cater to mobile computing to learn what, where, and how to buy. Furthermore, mobile search engines have made the process even more convenient and simple. For businesses, this is a lucrative opportunity to reckon with, which serves as a powerful medium to connect to the larger global audience in the most time-efficient and cost-effective manner. Many companies want to reach out to their target audience instantly with their product and service offerings, and this becomes exceptionally easier with mobile computing.
We at Innate Solution, established expertise and proficiency in working across multiple mobile apps development platforms like iOS, Blackberry, Android, Windows, Symbian, and HTML5. Our team of expert developers has the proficiency to create customer-oriented mobile applications for different platforms, helping businesses to leverage the power and market for various mobile platforms. We have hands on knowledge and experience in developing mobile applications, delivering business oriented, and flexible, custom solutions.

We offer the following offshore mobile programming services:

»       iPhone Application
»       Android Application
»       Windows Application
»       Blackberry Application

Our offshore mobile programming services cover the following:

»       Mobile application development.

»      Mobile games testing, porting, design and development.

»      Mobile website design and development.

»      Mobile application development for social networking and wireless connectivity.

»       GPS enabled application development.

»       Mobile platform migration and porting.

»       SMS and MMS integrated application development.

The advantages of outsourcing your mobile development services to Innate Solution:

The professional mobile developers at Innate Solution have years of hands-on experience in delivering high-end mobile application services to customers world over.

»       Vast knowledge and experience in executing short and long-term projects.

»      Latest mobile equipments and solutions from design to deployment.

»      Quick delivery model for effective time management and benefit realization.

»      Complete support during and after application delivery.

»      Data security and confidentiality.