Symfony Development
Symfony is a full-stack framework, a library of cohesive classes written in PHP. It provides an architecture, components and tools for developers to build complex web applications faster. Choosing symfony allows you to release your applications earlier, host and scale them without problem, and maintain them over time with no surprise.

The symfony framework is a full-stack MVC framework that helps you develop websites faster. It also establishes a set of best practices that will help us to develop maintainable and secure websites.
Features :

»   Enterprise Ready

»   Actively Developed –The team not only works on the framework, it also incorporates
     suggestions/enhancements from community members

»   Extensive Plugin Repository: i.e. authentication, authorization, client side validation, thumbnail,      rss. Whenever you’re searching for a functionality or thinking on a way to design one, go here first.      There are a lot of useful ones there for e.g. a plug in for Twitter, Face book or a plug-ins for user

»   Feature Rich – Has all the features one expects from a RAD framework – MVC design pattern, ORM      tools, scaffolding, caching, authentication, internalization and localization.

»   Good documentation