Zend Framework
With new players arriving in the web application framework market everyday, the competition is getting tougher and there is significant pressure to outperform one another. This is excellent news for the end customer because he gets to choose from the many framework options available in the market.

Zend Framework is a easy-to-use and cost-effective method for building highly secure, reliable, and modern Web 2.0 applications.
Zend is an amazing Php based MVC framework that has extensive room for code reuse to create high performance web applications.

»  Model : Business logic of the application.

»  View : Design part of the application.

»  Controller : Controls the Model and View part.

Advantages of Zend Framework

»  Extensible and well-tested code base.

»  Rich library that is readily available for use in applications.

»  Future expansion capabilities.

»  Flexible architecture and ease of installation (zero configuration files needed for installation).

»  All components are fully object-oriented, PhP5 and E_Strict compliant.

»  ‘By Default’ settings come in Php-based templates as well as layouts supporting MVC      implementation.

»  Supports multiple database systems and vendors such as Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL,     SQLite, MySQL, Oracle, IBM DB2 as well as Informix Dynamic Server.

»  Extensive emailing facility with the help of mbox, Maildir, POP3 and IMAP4.

With various Zend certified Php experts in our team, Innate Solution is all set to deliver cost-effective high quality applications built on zend framework at the most competitive price.