Client Communication
Innate Solution has an effective communication system in place, we ensure all ideas and thoughts are properly communicated both to colleagues as well as clients.
Regular Client Reporting Facilities

»  Project updates and developments are uploaded on our development servers for clients to review and      provide feedback on

»   Answer emails quickly, even when an answer seems unnecessary.

»   Support and Maintenance services after the project is completed.

»  Incorporation of International Coding Standards as per industry requirements.

»   Friendly and experienced staff to guide you through.

»   Complete IP protection assurance by signing NDAs, specific legal contracts in the beginning of                 project.

»   High degree of Project transparency / Communication processes by using smart Tools like Base              camp, Skype & Mentis for regular project management.

»   Always available on chat for the clients to attend them.

»   Emphasis on Quality Control and Testing after the initial development is completed.

»   Highly professional team of Analysts, Project Managers, Software Engineers and Designers.

»   On-Time/On-Budget delivery Guarantee with 100% Success Guarantee.