CMS Websites

Short for content management system, CMS is a program that facilitates the management of content in dynamic websites for easy execution. To put it in other words, content management system has been designed to help non- technical content developers write, publish, edit, and manage content flawlessly like a web author.

The growth of content management framework tools has gradually reduced running costs of creating and maintaining a web portal. Subscribing to a CMS over maintaining a static website has its own advantages. For instance, to keep your website alive, you need to constantly update and design them in accordance with technology and evolutionary trends. CMS has been a boom to small and medium business entities, catering to their requirements at every stage.

Our content management systems include automated templates, easily accessible content, workflow management, delegation, document management and content visualization besides many others. From application development to installation to version upgradation and support; we cover the whole spectrum of CMS integration and development.
We offer the following services:

»  Joomla

»  Drupal

»  WordPress

»  OsCommerce

»  Zencart

Advantages of CMS over conventional static websites:

»  Not much skill level or technical knowledge is required to update and diversify the website.

»  Easier for users to create, edit and publish content on the website.

»  The time required to publish is significantly lower.

»  Content Management Systems tend to provide better security to the website.

»  Statistics related to website, from visitors to clients gathered with ease Issues where Content     Management Systems play a vital part.

»  SEO friendly pages and content popularity tracking.