Our Infrastructure
Innate Solution is the most hunted offshore development center situated in Jaipur which is scientifically and conveniently architected for our organization members with the best software and hardware environments coupled with highly reliable and reachable communication facilities that provides an ideal and exclusive environment for creative and skilled professionals engaged in web application development activities.

Our organization is completely facilitated with recreational activities, canteen, meeting, conference and training areas and work as virtual extensions of clientsí environment, providing 24◊7 services.

»  Our Office Located at prime location in Jaipur.

»  Centrally air-cooled office with suitable work environment for employees.

»  Adequate power back-up system.

»  100 Sq. Feet very well furnished office.

»  Multiple servers.

»  15 + experienced professionals team with thorough technical background.

»  Science & IT Technology Specific experts working on technology demanded projects.

»  Highly skilled & commanded with English language.

»  All technical staff is Masterís or Bachelorís of Computer Application or IT engineering.

»  Young, talented proficient with smart and hard work quality.