Why Innate Solution?

Through years of cultured experience, Innate Solution has grown as a premier technology company and a business unit through our knowledge and precisions. We penetrated the market propositions dynamically to touch all the segments and spheres of life. We are a team of highly motivated individuals, belonging to extremely dynamic work background. With web development rooted as the contemporary face of business, Innate Solution plays as a dominant forerunner in providing globally acceptable web-solutions.
Our work process entertains flexibility and we maintain high level of discipline at all the levels of execution, throughout the organization.
Commitment to Quality

»   High degree of Project transparency / Communication processes by using smart Tools like
     Basecamp, Skype & Mentis for regular project management .

»  Emphasis on Quality Control and Testing after the initial development is completed .

»   Friendly and experienced staff to guide you through.

»  Complete transfer of Ownership to client on completion of work including Source code, Images,
     relevant documents and art effects.

»   Incorporation of International Coding Standards as per industry requirements .

»  Highly professional team of Analysts, Project Managers, Software Engineers and Designers.

»  Support and Maintenance services after the project is completed .

»  On-Time/On-Budget delivery Guarantee with 100% Success Guarantee.