Work Approach

We continuously work with the highest levels of accuracy to meet the changing requirements of our customers and counter the challenges of rapidly-growing market. We strictly follow on three principal development methods namely agile, waterfall (SDLC) and prototyping while executing projects. The selection of the model depends on the projectís nature of and clientís requirements.

A software development methodology that integrates customers, business analysts, and developers towards a common goal, Agile Software Development is a concoction of old, new and in-between business rules in a new environment. Here, face-to-face communication with the client, frequent delivery of working software, and flexible self-organizing teams speak about the progress of application development. In short, the challenge lies in the rapid delivery of business value.
Innate Solution and Agile:

At Innate Solution, we follow agile model for the risk-laden projects. Projects that do not have clearly defined requirements and where the early version of developed software may face evolving market challenges. We reduce development time, deliver responsive software solutions and work in tandem with our clients to better market their Agile Model products and better meet their growing demands. Starting from planning to designing and coding to testing; we follow a systematic process to execute. Our underlying principles in adopting the agile methodology are:

»  Ensuring customer satisfaction through continuous delivery of workable software solutions.

»   Developing software and delivering solutions in short time boxes (in weeks than months).

»   Continuous collaboration among team members to successfully execute the projects.

»   Responding to change requirements quickly to counter market challenges.

»   Conducting regular meetings to discuss the improvements, suggest new additions and

Our product engineering team has been successfully delivering quality solutions to clients with dissimilar business requirements using a set of productive agile methods namely Adaptive Software Development, Scrum, Agile Unified Process, Test Driven Development.